We uploaded the video from The 12 th MIFA International Exchange Festival 2017.2.5
Meguro Persimmon Hall

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We uploaded the video and pictures from the concert. please see video and pictures section!


We are going to have a new concert in June 2016!





We are going to have a new concert this coming summer!


New Concert Video & Pics are on the web now!

Below are video recordings of our most recent concert, held at Moto Shin Meigu Shrine on February 27th, 2011. This concert was perhaps our most successful to date. We owe a great deal of this success to Aoki Sensei, priest at Moto Shin Meigu Shrine for creating such a warm and intimate setting for the 10th International Hougaku Concert. We would also like to thank the professional players for giving us their valuable time and cooperation in bringing the performance to a level otherwise unattainable.
We feel especially lucky and thankful to have been able to hold this event, in light of the ongoing disaster in northeast Japan. Our concert was less than two weeks before the earthquake hit. More than ever, we all need to embrace the healing power of music; we hope the recordings below will bring comfort and inspiration. Please give or do whatever you can to assist the tens of thousands who were not so lucky.

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10th International Hogaku concert
We are proud to announce that in Feb 2011. We will be holding our 10th International Hogaku concert, again with the generous support of Moto-Shinmeigu Shrine, as well as a number of talented professional musicians. Ten years, 16 students, 10 countries. Ten years performing traditional Japanese music, and ten years of performances that go to show music really does have no boundaries. Many thanks to those of you who have supported us in previous years, we hope that you will be able to join us again. And for those of you who have never seen traditional Japanese music before, please come along to experience a feast for the senses...!

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New concert video now online!

The Daita Nagauta Kai held its International Hougaku Concert of 2009 (our 9th concert since 2001) on Sunday, November 15 th at the Motoshinmeiguu Shrine. The concert was split into 3 separate sections, and featured a wide range of pieces, encompassing Nagauta,  Gagaku, koto and dance. We were fortunate to have a number of special guest performers which made the concert a unique and memorable experience for both our ensemble and our audiences.
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We have some pictures on our flickr page.
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Kimono workshop. Learn more about the Edo culture wearing kimono and tying various obi (sash). Women only.

Kabuki music (shamisen, flute and drum ) Lessons
Many people, including Japanese people, have never experienced traditional Japanese music. Here is an opportunity to learn to play traditional Japanese musical instruments and open the door to traditional Japanese culture. Classes will be taught by Makoto Nishimura, who has been teaching foreigners to play kabuki music on the shamisen and other traditional instruments since 1993. Learn more about Japanese culture, and take something special home from your stay in Japan!
Lessons by appointment, taught in English.
Instructor: Makoto Nishimura majored in nagauta shamisen at Tokyo University of Fine Art and has been playing the shamisen for more than 40 years.  She has organized a number of successful nagauta music concerts for her foreign students in Tokyo.
Lesson Fees: (including instrument maintenance fee)
60 minute (1,500yen); 90 minute (2,000yen); and 120 minute (2,500yen).

Tourists are welcome. Up to 3 people per session (by appointment.) Experience kabuki music firsthand: shamisen / kotsuzumi / taiko / flute. I will send a map.
Per person:  60 minute (1,500yen); 90 minute (2,000yen); or 120 minute (2,500yen).



Upcoming concert in November!

We are proud to announce our upcoming concert this November 15th 2009.
Motoshinmeigu Shrine is hosting a concert for the first time, and we are happy to be the first performers there.
We are very excited about this opportunity - please come to see us!
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Our lesson was featured in "Metropolis" Magagine.

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We just finished International Hougaku concert with Yukokai.

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